The Artist

Hello my name is Junier Bolívar was born and raised in Costa Rica. I received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from tI University of Costa Rica in 1993 but I consider myself a self-taught draftsman. Over the years I have mainly worked in graphic design and 3d motion design. In the past year, however, I have rediscovered his love for drawing and painting.

I call this style Fantastic Art (also known as Fantastic Magic Realism, Imaginative Realism or Imaginary Realism or Creative Realism). I
would actually say that what I do is Contemporary Fantastic NeoRomantic Art. I try to create interesting pieces of fine art in the style of realistic
representational art. Finally, his goal is to create an emotional dramatic story in the form of fine art or illustration. In 1989 I had his first solo
exposition at Banco de Costa Rica. In 1985 I won First Prize at the Art
Competition “Building Bridges” organized by ONU and AFS in New York.
His works are owned by private collectors in Costa Rica, USA, and The
Netherlands. I has taught and given workshops at Universidad Nacional de Heredia, Costa Rica. I is a member of the NABK (Nationale Associatie voor Beelden Kunstenaars of The Netherlands). His work has been in publications by AFS International U.S.A., James Buchanan HS U.S.A., Iriria Tsochock Foundation (Reserva de la Biosfera la Amistad) Costa Rica and Friends of The Earth Costa Rica.