My Home Is Gone
100 cm X 70 cm
Oil on linen


"I'm a storyteller who likes to attach a string to clouds and see where they take me".

This the Online Art Portfolio featuring the Contemporay Fantastic NeoRomantic Art work of an Amsterdam, The Netherlands based professional creative representational fine artist, illustrator Junier Bolivar focusing on themes like nature and its preservation, human rights and philosophy.


July 2013: I am happy to inform that I will be presenting the piece My Home is Gone and other paintings in the Annual Dutch Art Fair in Amsterdam on the 28-29 of september. The ADAF 2013 is the most famous art fair in Holland with around 200 artists and around 4000 visitors expected this year.


My Home Is Gone Oil Painting Finished. This work has been quite a journey in drawing and in new and old painting techniques. He hopes that it will bring some thinking about the preservation of our rainforest. Here is a link to the video presentation of the painting

My Home Is Gone

For offset poster prints and giclees of this and other Fantastic Realism paintings more info here

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