In order to bring my work to a bigger public I am planning in the near future to sell Giclées (high quality ink-jet print specially for fine art) and Offset Prints of the paintings and illustrations.

Before making this investment, I would first like to have a list of people interested in having a print. The price of the prints is not final but here is a preliminary estimate (they might change before before the ordering system is in place probably via Paypal for secureness payment)

Giclées on Cotton Canvas (Paintings) 70x100 cm = €650

Offset Prints Posters 135grm paper (Paintings) 70x100 cm =€ 25

Both can be delivered anywhere and will be sent unstretched in a carton tube. Giclées can be delivered hand stretched by me without a frame so you can choose the one you like.

If you would be interested in ordering one of the paintings on the left please send an email to

junierba? ( replace the ? with @ )

to put you on the request order list. Please let me know if you would like a Giclées or a Offset Poster and the name of the painting:

1- Mother & Child
2- Save the Earth
3- Hope

If you would prefer to order other paintings or illustrations in this website please let me know.


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